Aunt Josephine's House
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Coast of Lake Lachrymose

Permanent Residents

Josephine Anwhistle

Possessed By

Josephine Anwhistle

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Fell into Lake Lachrymose

The home of Josephine Anwhistle was once situated on coast of Lake Lachrymose on a high cliff above the lake itself. The Baudelaire orphans lived their for a short time before the house collapsed into the lake during Hurricane Herman.



Aunt Josphine's Library as seen through the wide window.

The house was later blown right off the cliff during Hurricane Herman.

It also mentions in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography that the second half of a V.F.D. meeting manuscript is hidden in Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer, under someone's bed. In The Wide Window, when the Baudelaire orphans are looking for an atlas under a bed in Aunt Josephine's house, one of the books under there is Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer. This suggests that the manuscript is indeed hidden here. Plus in the Grim Grotto, Captain Widdershins said he and the crew of the Queequeg saved books from the house that were being destroyed in Lake Lachrymose.


The structure is built off the edge of a cliff, being held up by a series of stilts and struts. It is of somewhat small size. The main feature of the house is a wide window, which provides a view of Lake Lachrymose and is the site where Aunt Josephine faked her suicide later in the book. There is also a library that contains books only on grammar. Josephine Anwhistle considers grammar to be the greatest joy in life. The house has only two bedrooms. It also has a dining room, a kitchen and a living room. Although the building has electricity, gas, central heating and a telephone line, none of these are used due to Josephine's many phobias.


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The Anwhistle Home as it appears in the film.

The Anwhistle Home appeared in the film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events through the use of computer generated imagery and hand-crafted sets.

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