Duchess of Winnipeg Fire
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Duchess of Winnipeg's Mansion

  • The Duchess of Winnipeg's mansion is burnt down
  • All of the duchess' belongings, and those items of her friends being kept at her house, are destroyed
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The fire at the Duchess of Winnipeg's mansion was a part of a series of arsons committed against members of the organization, V.F.D. The duchess, a prominent member of the organization, lost all of her possessions.[1]


The night of the fire was apparently quite cold, enough so that the duchess had kept all of the windows shut that night. She only noticed that her home was on fire when she heard the sound of her bookcases beginning to collapse. After becoming aware of the situation, the duchess exited her home in her pajamas clutching only a handful of photographs which she had been looking at prior to going to bed.

The fire consumed all items being kept in the mansion, both those belonging to the Duchess and those of her associates. Both of the duchess' guest rooms and the items contained within were lost. Items belonging to Lemony Snicket that were lost in the fire include a fake wooden leg, a box of wigs, a suit that enabled one to look like a chest of drawers, a typewriter, and a bright blue accordion (Snicket's third favorite). Beatrice Buadelaire was also said to have lost items in the fire.

Of the duchess' own items that were lost in the fire those include her "beloved snacks", round, square, and rectangular tables and the chairs that accompanied them, all of her drapes except those which were fireproof, her grand staircase with two bannisters featuring carved wooden crows at the end, all of her houseplants, and her cloth napkins (which had the crest of Winnipeg embroidered on one side and the underground map of the city on the other), her wigs used for disguises, her cigar box (that her father had given her upon her first return home after her kidnapping by V.F.D.), her childhood bed (where her V.F.D. tutors had watched over her until they believed it was time to take her), and her entire private library (which included Charlotte's Web, Green Mansions, and Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer).




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