Gorgonian Grotto
Location information

End of Stricken Stream, below Anwhistle Aquatics

Possessed By

Gregor Anwhistle

Location Specifics


The Gorgonian Grotto is cone-shaped cave that the Baudelaires searched through during their search for the Sugar Bowl. The grotto is located below Anwhistle Aquatics, to which it is linked by vertical tunnels.


The Baudelaire children, accompanied by Fiona, visit the grotto because they believe that the sugar bowl may have been carried into it via its underwater entrance, after having been thrown into the Stricken Stream. They do not find the sugar bowl, however they do find several items washed up on a beach in the grotto which later become useful. While visiting the grotto, Sunny Baudelaire becomes infected by the Medusoid Mycelium.


Behind the ScenesEdit