Last Chance General Store
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Between the Village of Fowl Devotees and Heimlich Hospital

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General Store

The Last Chance General Store has a front that is covered in posters advertising goods sold at the store. Telegrams can be sent from the store (for free if it is an emergency). The owner does not charge the Volunteers Fighting Disease for things. The store sells fresh limes, canned meat, plastic knives, white envelopes, red wine, leather wallets, sleeping bags and much more. The floor is made of different types of tile, all for sale. The usefulness of such a General Store is undetermined.



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The Last Chance General Store as it appears in the film.

The Last Chance General Store appeared briefly during the film adaption of the first three books in the series, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, even though the store did not appear until the eighth novel. The scene was not from any of the novels, but instead was written specifically for the movie. In this scene the store is renamed the Last Chance Superette.

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