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  • Shopkeeper

Milt was the shopkeeper of Last Chance General Store. He encountered the Baudelaires while they were on the run from the police, having just escaped from the Village of Fowl Devotees.


While on the run from the law, the Baudelaire children had been walking many miles of wide open land without any people or buildings. Just as they were becoming too tired to go on, they reached the Last Chance General Store. Milt was the shopkeeper of the store and when he first encountered them he, after mistakening them for his friend and newspaper delivery person, Lou, felt pity for them as they explained they were in the middle of an emergency. He went on to let them use the telegram machine free of charge. In another act of kindness, he brought the Baudelaires fresh Cranberry Muffins. Hours later, his friend Lou did arrive with day's copy of the Daily Punctilio. As they proceeded to read it, Milt realized that the three children he had been so kind to all day, were in fact the murderers from the article. He and Lou chased them through the store to no avail, as they eventually escaped.

Physical descriptionEdit

Milt is described as being very short, shorther than both Klaus and Violet Baudelaire. He is described as as looking as if he hadn't slept or shaved in a long time. He was said to be wearing two different shoes, each with a price tag, and several shirts and hats at once. Amongst all this, he was described as being so covered in merchandise that he almost look liked part of the store, apart from his friendly smile and dirty fingernails.