Montgomery Montgomery's House
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Out in the country; near Tedia

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Montgomery Montgomery

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Montgomery Montgomery



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Burned down

The home of Montgomery Montgomery was the second residence of the Baudelaire orphans after the death of their parents.


The house features a strong snake motif. It included a steep gravel driveway, a square frond door mad of dark wood, and several columns marking the front porch. To each side of the front door were lights in the shape of torches (which were noted to be brightly lit even though it was morning). In front of the house was a well kept lawn with sculptures, paintings and (in the large front yard) topiaries of serpents. The home includes at least five bedrooms, a kitchen, a foyer, a living room and a large glass conservatory, used to house Montgomery's reptile collection, known as the Reptile Room. The foyer included a dark, burgundy carpet, a stained glass light fixture that dangled from the the ceiling, and a large oil painting of two snakes entwined together. At the end of this room there is a library, which is well guarded by the snakes. There are probably more rooms, as the home is rather large. It has many stories, as shown in the illustration.[1]

It is revealed that the house is connected by a mysterious tunnel to the Quagmire Mansion. The purpose of this tunnel is as yet unknown. It is also mentioned that the house has been burned down.[2]

It was mentioned that books concerning V.F.D. were hidden in Dr. Montgomery's library. [3]


Behind the ScenesEdit



The Montgomery Home as it appears in the film.

The Montgomery Home appeared in the film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events through the use of computer generated imagery and hand-crafted sets.

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