The One Who Looks Like Neither a Man nor a Woman
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Burnt alive in Heimlich Hospital


The Brobdingnagian Creature, The Person of Unknown Gender and Great Girth

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Count Olaf (As a member of Count Olaf's Theatre Troupe)


The one who looks like neither a man nor a woman was an original troupe member of Count Olaf. Both the narrator and the characters talk about this person using phrases such as "he or she", "it", "the creature", "the person", "the massive creature", "the mountainous person" and "the big one". Even Olaf's other henchmen use such language, which suggests they, too, are unsure of the person's gender. The author frequently refers to them as "the overweight accomplice".


Early LifeEdit

The Marvelous Marriage SchemeEdit


The one who looks like neither a man nor a woman as they appeared in The Marvelous Marriage

The Heimlich Hospital SchemeEdit

During the Hemlich Hospital Plan they are seen as one of Count Olaf's henchpeople, disguised as a guard at Heimlich Hospital, first seen guarding a door where two more of Olaf's associates were hidden. This person does not speak even with their co-workers, as they do not speak to Esmé Squalor or Klaus and Sunny, whom they thinks are the two white-faced women. They are the only one absent amongst Olaf's troupe that is trying to capture the Baudelaires in the Operating Theatre; however, as the Baudelaires escape, they whiz past them. They see the Baudelaires roaring and chasing after them, producing the third and final sound they are heard to make. The Baudelaires manage to escape from inside a closet, leaving the person inside as the hospital burns to the ground, where they perish. While the hook-handed man and the bald-headed man show regret at the loss of this person, Olaf claims that they were a fool and not worth waiting around for.



The one who looks like neither a man nor a woman fell, taking the Baudelaires with them.

They are often seen guarding something for Count Olaf, due to their size, such as the stairs to the tower in The Bad Beginning, the keys to the sailboats in The Wide Window, and the door to the surgical ward in The Hostile Hospital. They have been shown to have the strength to swing Violet over their shoulder with one hand. In the books, they are often described as having a blank expression, making it even more difficult to distinguish their gender. The Baudelaire children never hear this person speak, even when they are spoken to by others. However, they apparently has some means of communication, as they informs Count Olaf, disguised as Captain Sham, that the Baudelaires stole a sailboat in The Wide Window. They do hear this person snore in the book, and later Klaus and Sunny hear them laugh in The Hostile Hospital. This is described as "an odd laugh that sounded like a squeal and a howl at the same time".


Behind the ScenesEdit



The One Who Looks Like Neither a Man nor a Woman as portrayed by Craig Ferguson.

In the film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, they were portrayed by Craig Ferguson.

Television seriesEdit

In the television series A Series of Unfortunate Events, they will be portrayed by Matty Cardarople.