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Sir was the owner of Lucky Smells Lumbermill and the fourth guardian of the Baudelaire orphans.[1]


Sir is the owner of the Lucky Smells Lumbermill, located in Paltryville. Sir's real name is never mentioned, though several attempts are made, as according to Sir, no one can ever say it correctly. When the children ask what his name is he says to just call him Sir.

Equally obscure is Sir's appearance. Sir's entire head is hidden by a thick layer of smoke from his ever-burning cigar. He shows little or no concern for either the Baudelaire orphans or his employees, whom he pays in coupons and provides an unsatisfying meal of chewing gum.

Sir may or may not have perished in the fire at the Hotel Denouement at the end of the Penultimate Peril, where he was residing with Charles on vacation.

After their incident with Count Olaf and his associates, he fires the Baudelaires, and sends them to Prufrock Preparatory School, claiming that they were too much trouble. It is thought that he is on the fire-starting side of the schism because he loves the smell of burning wood. He is later seen sometime later at the Hotel Denouement. At one point he and Charles were having a conversation and Charles said he thought Sir would never hear from V.F.D. again. It hints that Sir knows about VFD, but he may not be a part of it. It is implied that Lucky Smells Lumber Mill built Hotel Denouement in the middle of the night. There is much speculation about the connection between Sir and V.F.D. He seems to care only about what's good for the lumber industry. He tells the Baudelaires that if they cause anymore trouble at the Mill, he will give them to Shirley. (Olaf in diguise) There is much confusion on this. Sir could be totally clueless and just wants to get the Baudelaire children out of the Mill because he thinks they are causing the Mill to go down, of he could be part of some sinister purpose to help Olaf get the Baudelaire fortune.


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Sir as portrayed by Don Johnson.

In the television series A Series of Unfortunate Events, Sir is portrayed by Don Johnson.